| 2014 Carnival Performance Institute with Christal Brown & Middlebury College

2014 Carnival Performance Institute with Christal Brown & Middlebury College

The 2014 Carnival Performance Institute features workshops, performance studies, and informal dialogues that run alongside Trinidad and Tobago’s Carnival. The program was established in 2010 to position Carnival at the centre of performance studies and engage the local and international community in study and conversation around:

  • how Carnival performance expresses unique histories and events, and intersect with nationalism, transnationalism, and global mobilities
  • how gender is played out in contemporary Carnival performance
  • how the local context of power and meaning influence the ways in which residents think of their experience

We’re so pleased to host Christal Brown, Chair of the Dance Department at Middlebury College in Vermont and 9 undergraduate students. I look forward to building on “FreshWater: Myth, Mas & Movement”, a workshop I explored with this group in September 2013 for a two-day pre-semester workshop in Vermont. Adanna Jones, a Trinidadian PhD candidate in Critical Dance Studies at the University of California at Riverside whose dissertation focuses on wining is our Special Guest for this iteration. Programs with playwright, Tony Hall, Dr. Gabrielle Hosein (professor of Gender Studies at University of the West Indies), philosopher Burton Sankeralli, theatre artist Marvin George with Jouvay Ayiti, and writings by the Institute’s 2014 New Waves! Scholar-in-Residence, Claire Tancons are sure to galvanize incredible ideas and movement in Carnival culture and performance studies.

Jouvayist, writer and activist Attillah Springer will lead two talks: “Women & Resistance in Canboulay” and “Jouvayism”, which she recently presented for Tedx in Port of Spain. Muhammad Muwakil collaborates with the group during a two-day Performance Lab initiated by Adam Walters, a Composition Specialist at University of Trinidad & Tobago/Academy for the Performing Arts. There will be a screening of Christopher Laird's new film “No Bois Man No Fraid” (followed by a Q&A with the stars of the film – Rondell Benjamin and Keegan Taylor) and Alex de Verteuils “Jab! The Blue Devils of Paramin”; a moko jumbie performance study in Cocorite at Dragon Keylemanjahro School of Arts & Culture; a Walk & Talk through Caura with Robert Young (featured in this month’s Caribbean Beat); a liming session at Birdsong Pan Yard; and a rehearsal observation for Pearl Eintou Springer’s Canboulay, which is peformed every year on Carnival Friday. Meanwhile, Zaidee E. Walker continues her 2014 Artist Residency, “Dancing About Architecture”. You can learn more about Zaidee’s residency here: http://zaideewalker.weebly.com/artist- residency.html.

'Central to [Middlebury's] Dance Program is the development of the creative artist and artist/scholar through critical study and regular practice in contemporary, world dance techniques; improvisation and choreography; history, theory, and cultural studies; experiential anatomy and kinesiology; and performance.' As part of a community service component, each participant will complete a staff assistantship, offering real skills and assistance to the organisational development of the Institute. We'll digitize a collection of newspaper articles by Trinidadian economist and scholar, Lloyd Best. In addition, the students will create written essays centered on carnival practice as performance.

See a full schedule and details about the program HERE

Let’s Dance!